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Dear Friends of Portland Pirate Festival,


At long last we are free to announce:
“Full speed ahead for the 8th Portland Pirate Festival in 2016!” We wish it could be sooner but there are many exciting developments that make it ideal to wait one more year.

Firstly is our new location. The Port of Camas/Washougal will be breaking ground this summer to create a brand new park along the beautiful Columbia River at the foot of the Columbia River Gorge, a mere 5 miles east of Portland and the 205 bridge with easy access by water and land. Since the new park won’t be ready in time for summer of 2015 and new locations always bring unexpected challenges, we appreciate your continued patience as we gather much needed provisions to bring you a Pirate Festival to remember in 2016!! The new location being a mere cannon shot from the OR border makes it ideal for staging our “Invasion of the State of WA”.

But don’t fret the longer wait. Join us THIS SUMMER on the afternoon and evening of August 22nd, 2015 for a FREE “Shindig With the Square Rig” hosted by Portland Pirate Festival at the Port of Camas/Washougal’s smaller Marina Park (river mile 121.7). The Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain will be there defending the port so book your Battle Sail now and tell them PPF sent you. http://historicalseaport.org/…/exact_d…/request_format~html/

More details will soon follow about this fun free piratical gathering and concert for all ages. Marina Park:http://portcw.com/index.php/recreation/marina_park/

Rumors Abound!

We know many of you expected Portland Pirate Festival to never return as we have struggled through numerous set-backs; the sternwheeler crushing of our Tall Ship Royaliste, the tragic loss of our beloved Volunteer Coordinator Cindy Smith, the loss and burial at sea of our dear Captain Jim Rich, torrential rains our last year in Portland, the loss of our previous location, and more; all the while having to remain silent due to legal matters. But rest assured that the next PPF will be the best we have ever had so keep a weather eye out for details and info for this year and next as we prepare for a fantastic voyage of adventure and fun.





We offer public sailing excursions and walk-on tours throughout the year. Learn more about Adventure Sails, Battle Sails, Evening Sails, Passages, and charters. Go to our Education Programs page to…










©2015 Portland Pirate Festival LLC


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